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1.   Bible History & Timeline                       online: view here

2.  Intro to Romans                                       online: view here

3.  Intro to Biblical Archaeology               online: view here

4.  Luke 10: the Good Samaritan              online: view here

5.  Documenting Jesus in History            online: view here

6.  Journeys of Paul                                      online: view here

7.  Led by the Spirit vs. “Felt led”             online: view here

8.  Once saved, always saved?                   in prep for Dec. ’16

9.  Intro to 1 Peter                                           

10. Intro to 1 Corinthians                             

11. Biblical Baptism

12. Evidence of Jesus as the Christ

13.  The Good News                               

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  • 3 Minute Bible Study Videos

    Timeline Overview Video:

    Romans Overview Video:

    The Good Samaritan:

    Led by the Spirit

    Journeys of Paul

    Documenting Jesus in History

    Biblical Archaeological Evidence: