1.   Bible History & Timeline                       view here

2.  Intro to Romans                                         view here

3.  Intro to Biblical Archaeology              view here

4.  Luke 10: the Good Samaritan             view here

5.  Documenting Jesus in History           view here

6.  Journeys of Paul                                      view here

7.  Led by the Spirit vs. “Felt led”             view here

8.  Once saved, always saved?                  view here

       Extra charts supplement to #8 (no audio)
       Review of OSAS interpretations      view here

in planning or process:

-The Good News
-the modern “altar call” and its conflict with the teachings of Christ
-Prophecy & Foreshadows
-Biblical Baptism
-Intro to 1 Corinthians
-Intro to 1 Peter

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  • 3 Minute Bible Study Videos

    Timeline Overview Video:

    Romans Overview Video:

    The Good Samaritan:

    Led by the Spirit

    Journeys of Paul

    Documenting Jesus in History

    Biblical Archaeological Evidence: