Why 3 minutes?

Sometimes, and especially online, less is more.  Long videos get viewed less, short videos get viewed more.

So is the goal to encourage less study? Just the opposite. Like the taste sample at the grocery store (which is not intended to replace dinner), it is hoped that these short videos will encourage deeper seeking, and deeper study.

The 3 minute videos were originally started for use with cold contacts during a church planting. Knowing that cold contacts are unlikely to commit a block of study time with a total stranger, I needed a way to offer short studies that people could click into, or out of, at their convenience.

Within the constraints of those 180 seconds, however, I’ve aimed to load them with “good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over” [cf. Lk. 6:38].  And the fact is, it’s not as though important lessons can’t be delivered in three minutes. How long were most of Jesus’ parables? Less than 3 minutes. That, of course, is not where they are to end, as they provide meat for deeper thought, and deeper yet application.

Thanks for viewing, and please view them in light of Acts 17:11. If I can be of further service, contact me at 3minutebiblestudy@gmail.com.  If you are in the Gettysburg , Harrisburg, or Philly areas of  PA, and you would like to be part of a small group study, please put PA in the subject line.

thanks,  Scott

  • 3 Minute Bible Study Videos

    Timeline Overview Video:

    Romans Overview Video:

    The Good Samaritan:

    Led by the Spirit

    Journeys of Paul

    Documenting Jesus in History

    Biblical Archaeological Evidence: